Teaching Presentations

“Using adaptive teaching modes in a hybrid class”, Arizona State University Department of Economics Teaching Faculty Seminar, Fall 2017

“Clickers” presented at Arizona State University Department of Economics Teaching Faculty Seminar

“Writing in a Business Statistics Mass Lecture: Targeting Pain Points with Structured Writing-to-Learn” with T. Batova, Association for Business Communication Annual International Convention: 2015

“Third Context” of Intercultural Communication in Business Writing Classes” with T. Batova, presented at Association for Business Communication Annual International Convention: 2011

“Reflective Journaling: Focused Feedback” with J. Olmsted presented at UW System President’s Summit on Excellence in Teaching and Learning: Madison, WI, 2011

“Using Reflection Papers in Principles of Macroeconomics classes” with J. Olmsted presented at Midwest Economics Association Meeting: 2011

“Impact of Automated Response Systems on Students’ Performance in Principles of Microeconomics” presented at Southern Economic Association Meeting: 2010

Spring 2016

Principles of Macroeconomics

I would like to recommend for you to use dropbox to keep track of your files for class (syllabus, class notes, excel files, etc). Dropbox is a safe way to have access to your files on whatever device you are using. From my point of view dropbox is also a great way to prevent you from losing files when one of your hard drives dies. If you decide to use dropbox I would really appreciate if you use this link: https://www.dropbox.com/referrals/NTM3NzA2MDg3OQ?src=global9 I will receive an extra 500mb of space if you use this link to set up the account.

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Introductory Econometrics
Economic Development
Economic Growth
Empirical Macroeconomics
Financial Institutions and Markets
Industrial Organization
Intermediate Macro Theory
Introduction to International Economic Relations
Introductory Economics
Managerial Economics
Money and Banking
Principles of Microeconomics


Managerial Economics