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Working Papers

Financial Cascades in the MENA Region: Theory, Empirics and Policy, Economic Research Forum Working Paper No.718, October 2012, with H. Mohtadi (list of ERF working papers)

Imitation, Innovation and Threshold Effects: A Game Theoretic Approach, with Hamid Mohtadi

Patent Pools, Product Lifecycles, and Innovation:  An Analysis of the Motion Pictures Patent Company during the early American Film Industry, with C. McChrystal and S. Wallace

Work in Progress

“Does Greater Transparency Reduce Financial Volatility?”, with H. Mohtadi (in progress)

“Private Information in Bank Lending”, with H. Mohtadi (in progress)

“Stock Markets and Economic Growth: Resolving Conflicting Evidence”, with H. Mohtadi (in progress)

“Do Natural Resources Inhibit Transparency?”, with H. Mohtadi and M. Ross (in progress)

“Third Context” of Intercultural Communication in Business Writing Classes”, with T.Batova (in progress)